Winter vacation in non formal Education Punjab 2023/2024 new notification today

Due to the increasing cold, all non-formal education schools in Punjab have also been announced to be closed from January 1 to 10. It should be known to all of you that there is a severe cold and fog in Punjab at this time, due to which the winter holidays have been extended. The Punjab government has issued a new notification regarding winter vacations for schools and colleges. The notification has both good and bad news for parents and children. On the one hand, it is good news for children as the winter vacations have been extended. The extension was ordered by the Lahore High Court and was also made in view of the current weather conditions in Punjab.At present, the weather in all districts of Punjab is extremely cold and foggy. Due to the harsh cold and fog, the winter vacations have been extended to protect school and college children from discomfort. The vacations will now end on January 10, 2024.It is important to note that the weather is extremely cold throughout the country, especially in Punjab. In Pakistan, the coldest weather is typically experienced in the last week of December and the first week of January. However, the cold can often be especially intense in the first week of January, which is why winter vacations are often extended.Punjab, in particular, experiences extremely harsh weather during these days, which can be a source of discomfort and trouble for all children. This is why schools and colleges are closed so that children can be protected from illness and other discomfort

Non formal Education in Punjab
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