SIM Information System 2024 – CNIC SIM Check Online – 668

SIM Information System 2024 – CNIC SIM Check Online – 668

The SIM Information System is a unique Service from PTA that allows you to check their SIM card information, including the network operator, registered number of sims on your name and Number of sims on cnic, SIM Information System 668, SIM Information System App and SIM ownership etc.The user can utilize this service of SIM information system for many purposes like cnic sim check service record, online complete sim information, sim database online and SIM Information System by mobile number.

For facilitation of customers get cnic information system and check online database of SIM, the PTA has launched a web portal . You can go to cnic sims pk website then enter your 13 digits CNIC to get complete sim information.

What is Sim Information System

The SIM Information System serves as a centralized online database that manages information on SIM cards issued by prominent mobile service companies in Pakistan, including Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Mobilink, and others. This efficient system collects essential details such as the SIM card holder’s name and address of SIM owner, mobile phone number, serial number, and CNIC information.

Through this platform the customers can find the total number of SIMs registered against a specific CNIC, how many SIMs of different companies on CNIC.

Accessing a complete record of Pakistani SIM data, individuals can explore SIM card history through the dedicated SIM card information website at Mobile users in Pakistan can retrieve check SIM card details by sending the CNIC number to 668.

This seamless process enhances management system and facilitates efficient control of SIM card information, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly facility for persons who want to know about their SIM records.

CNIC SIM information System Pakistan 2024

SIMS isn’t just about CNIC checks. The CNIC SIM pk portal also serves as a valuable tool for citizens information about SIM cards in Pakistan. Having user-friendly interface, you can search for details about specific mobile numbers, verify operator legitimacy, and even gain insights into the overall SIM information in the country.
Empowering Users:
By demystifying the world of SIM card registration and usage, SIMS empowers Mobile phone users to take control of their mobile lives.

Efficient processing and accessibility are the core factors of this initiative, promoting responsible mobile usage and protecting user privacy.

Accept the reins of your mobile identity today. Explore the possibilities of SIMS, and unlock a world of knowledge and control at your fingertips in this modern world of information and Technology.

SIM Information System by Mobile number – 668

All Mobile users can check CNIC SIM information by sending CNIC to 668.In this article we have covered all the information regarding SIM information system, CNIC SIM check, SIM Information System 668, SIM database online record, sim details and Complete information to check sim card information registered on your CNIC.

Reveal Secrets of Your SIM: A Deep Dive into Pakistan’s SIM Information System

Nowadays it is a world of mobile phone connections in Pakistan, the SIM Information System (SIMS) stands tall as sign of transparency in Pakistan which is being Developed and organized by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Using this online portal enables Mobile users to unlock a knowledge about their SIM cards, granting them invaluable peace of mind and safety.

Just think that you have one stop for verifying your SIM card’s network operator, checking the number of SIMs registered under your CNIC, and knowing about all historical record of your SIM card activity. This is the technology that SIMS wields, granting you a great and advanced feature into your mobile connection.

Check your SIM Information by Number – Verify SIM Card Details with Ease

  • Discovering SIM card information associated with your number is a simple and Easy method. Follow these steps to access details through the SIM Information System:
  • start Begin by visiting the official SIM Information System website developed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) @
  • Once on the website, go to the designated box prompting you to enter your 13 digits CNIC.
  • Provide your CNIC and click the check button.
  • The SIM Information System will scan your online SIM database history and geography ve you a complete record of SIM cards associated with your number.
  • The CNIC information system will not only tell you about all SIMs registered under your CNIC but also provide your complete address and SIM card numbers.
  • In addition to this, the SIM Information System will showcase details about the respective mobile operator companies associated with each SIM card.
  • In case of any issues with the online SIM card record check, there is also an alternative method available.
  • You have to send your CNIC to 668, and you’ll receive a confirmation SMS with a comprehensive history of SIM cards associated to your CNIC.
  • For further queries and SIM information, explore the official PTA website at or visit the SIM Information System’s official website at
  • You can use this method for accessing your SIM card details using your Mobile SIM card.

Check Sim Database Online – Dive into Phone Numbers with Sim Data Check

To verify the SIM database online record of any individual, it is mandatory to possess a valid CNIC number. Without this key information, checking Pakistani SIM data is not possible. Although various SIM checkers apps and software claim to Check SIM and CNIC information, caution is advised in this regard. Many of these applications are fraudulent and pose a risk to user sensitive data.

Avoid using such deceptive apps and websites that may compromise your privacy of SIM and mobile data. It is strongly recommended to stay away from entering your CNIC information into unauthorized platforms on different websites.

The only authentic and official portal for online SIM database checks is the government of Pakistan’s website, Ensure the security of your information by using this website to find your SIM database records. Be aware of unauthorized sources and prioritize the government’s designated website for accurate, safe and secure SIM information retrieval.

Stay Secure: Check Numbers of Sim registered on your CNIC – SIMs on your Name

  • With PTA granting each individual to register up to five SIMs against their valid CNIC, it’s crucial to Check your SIM card registrations. If you’ve exceeded the allowed limit of five SIMs, additional registrations on your CNIC won’t be possible because only 5 sims can be registered against one CNIC. To know about the number of SIMs currently registered under your CNIC, follow these simple steps:
  • Go to website
  • Provide your CNIC number in the provided box.
  • Click the checkbox, and the SIM Information System will display a list of SIMs registered on your CNIC.
  • Alternatively, you can do find number of SIMs associated with your CNIC by sending your CNIC number to 668.
  • Stay informed and updated about your SIM registrations to ensure compliance with PTA regulations and manage your SIM cards the effectively.
  • You should use the convenient methods provided by PTA to monitor and access your registered SIM details effortlessly.

How can I check the SIM database online?

To check the SIM database online, you can visit the official website at Enter your CNIC number in the checkbox to access your SIM registration details.

What is the maximum number of SIMs allowed per CNIC?

The Pakistan
Telecommunication Authority (PTA) allows to register a maximum of five SIMs against their valid CNIC.

Are there any risks involved in using third-party SIM checker apps?

Yes, there are risks m if you are using third-party SIM checker apps. It is advised to avoid unauthorized apps to protect your personal information and use the official PTA Portal for getting information

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