E Domicile in KP- Apply Online For Domicile Certificate @cfc.kp.gov.pk

E Domicile in KP- Apply Online For Domicile Certificate @cfc.kp.gov.pk

The Government of kpk has deployed a edge E- Domicile system. Leveraging the ubiquitous reach of the citizen facilitation centre CFC. This web based solutions streamlined the application process, offering a time efficient and paperless alternative. For availing E Domicile in KPK applicants simply need to navigate to the designated http://cfc.kp.gov.pk/ official website. The kpk online Domicile facility is available on Citizen Facilitation Centre CFC portal as given. According to CFC portal you can easily get your Domicile certificate without approaching to DC Office. You can also download the CFC Mobile app or complete the E Domicile Certificate application form online in order to gain your E Domicile Certificate.

What is the KP E Service Citizens Facilitation Portal

The KP E Service Citizens Facilitation Portal also known as CFC portal. It is a digital gateway aimed at empowering citizens of KPK. Through CFC portal or accompanying mobile app, user can skip physical visits to office and apply for various official documents and certificates. The CFC portal simplifies bureaucratic processes and saves valuable time. This citizens centric platform promote transparency efficiency and ease of access to essential government servant within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

How to access cfc.kp.gov.pk Official website

Embarking on the E Domicile odyssey commerce with visit to official website. cfc.kp.gov.pk. The intiative UI presents a frictionalless enty point for applicants. To commerce user must forge an account with the CFC digital fortress, furnishing basic persona data and constructing a secure login credentials. Armed with these digital keys, applicants may then unlock the E Domicile online application form, readily accessible upon to successful login. The CFC portal serve as a digital sherpa, offering a well defined and meticulously sequenced path, ensuring a smooth trek towards E Domicile acquisitions.

Step by Step Procedure for Applying E Domicile Certificate via CFC Portal

  • Firstly applicants have to navigate the CFC official web portal. http://cfc.kp.gov.pk/.
  • Upon access to their Portal applicants have to click on sign up button for creating account on CFC portal.
  • you have to provide cnic number, date of birth, contact number and Gmail ID along with password.
  • once you create account click on login option using your registered creditantals.
  • After that Click on “Apply for E Domicile Certificate ” option.
  • now you have to provide your accurate details like your personal data , data of your family and your permanent address.
  • Attached scanned copies of your documents like CNIC, Date of Birth certificate and proof of residence.
  • Review your application throughly before submitting it.
  • The portal will display the applicable fee for processing your E Domicile application.
  • you can pay for E Domicile Certificate through online bank transfer or credit card.
  • once your payment is confirmed your application will be submitted officially.
  • now you can trap your application status by login into your account on CFC portal.
  • This portal will notify you through email or an SMS , once your E Domicile Certificate is processed and ready for download.
  • Download the certificate as a secure PDF format and save it for future reference.

what is the eligibility criteria for E Domicile certificate?

To Eligible for E Domicile Certificate applicants must have a permanent residence of KPK and Valid CNIC number. Applicants have age at least 20 years.

what documents do I need to submit with my E Domicile application online?

You will need scanned copies of your CNIC, Proof of Residence, Your Birth Certificate, Father certificate.

How much does it cost to apply for E Domicile Certificate Online?

The current processing fee for E Domicile Certificate through CFC portal is 250pkr.

How long does it take to receive my E Domicile certificate after applying online?

The processing time for E Domicile applications typically varies between 7 to 15 working days.

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